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Salamun Alaikum,
We are pleased to inform you all about the initiative undertaken again this year by Jaffari Center during the holy month of Ramzan, to distribute grocery kits in Tajpur, Jamalpur and other areas of Ahmedabad. This help is being distributed amongst the poor and needy Muslims including Saiyeds residing in these areas. We have arranged to distribute INR 2.5 million worth of kits accumulated from the Sadaka/Imam Zamin money and other donations made by some members of our community. The community in India has applauded our efforts and this drive has enhanced the reputation of all of us. We plan to undertake a similar activity on 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal (Wiladat of Muhammad SAW) & 13th Rajab (Wiladat of Hazrat Imam Ali AS) on a smaller scale so that people would remember the anniversary celebration every year. This would further cement our relationship with our brethren and perhaps bring them closer to our ideology of Islam being a compassionate religion. We think this is the best way to do Tabligh.
We should thank Raes Jafarhussain Momin and his group of people including youngsters from the community who helped manage this whole exercise successfully. The pictures and videos attached to this email would give you an indication of the scale of activity we have undertaken. We can make a difference when we operate under a single entity, hence I request all members of the community to donate their Sadaka and other help to our organization i.e Jaffari Center. Everyone is welcome to offer their suggestions if any to further intensify our activities.
With warm regards
Riz Momin / Trustees
PS: Please note that we spend the Imam Zamin money by distributing 500 plus kits amongst the Saiyeds only.
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